St. George Church (Synod) (Prizren)

The St. George Church (Synod) is located in the old part of the town, in the Bazaar quarters, opposites the St. George – Runovic church. The building was built in 1887, while later, in 1903, the bell tower was built. It is a three-nave church, constructed in chiselled stones connected in lime plaster, while the bell tower is built in brick, connected in lime plaster. The exterior is not plastered, and the wall structure is visible. The church is covered by a two-gutter roof, layered in lead sheets. It has two entrances, the main entry from the western side, and one entry from the southern side. On the eastern side, there is a semi-circular apse, while in the western and southern parts, close to entries, there are awnings, supported on stone columns cut in circular shapes. On the inside, in the eastern wall, there is an altar in a semi-circular shape, and before that, a naos, divided from the nartex by one stair. On the western side, namely over the entry gate, there is a gallery, while the proscomodia and diaconia are found in southern and western sides. Within the church complex, there is also the old Church of St. George – Runovic. The building was earlier used as a Russian Consulate during the 19th century, a dormitory and a guesthouse. During the period 2005-2010, several restoration interventions were made, thereby cleaning the church itself and its surroundings, wall stones were repaired and cleaned, a new wooden roofing was installed, electrical installations replaced, the interior was renovated and the bells were mantled, while the central dormitory and guesthouse were renovated.