About Us

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Association for culture “PLEJADA” Prizren is a non-profit and non-governmental organization which promotes, preserves and protects the material and intangible (spiritual) cultural heritage of the city of Prizren and the cultural heritage of the Republic of Kosovo.

NGO "PLEJADA" is a multiethnic organization that aims to promote cultural heritage, preserving old architecture, tradition, customs, old traditional songs, traditional costumes, artifacts, of all communities of the Republic of Kosovo and accordingly carries out numerous cultural projects.

Plejada is especially known for organizing a traditional and unique Festival in Kosovo that brings together all Kosovo communities and peoples from the Balkan’s countries, and also gathers several thousand visitors - Festival known as “BALKANFEST”.

In the focus of PLEJADA is youth from all communities living in Kosovo, especially young women and students. Also, Pleiada's aim is to strengthen the civilian sector, education, a healthy environment, gender equality, the development of democracy and joint multiethnic co-existence in Kosovo. The concrete objective is to create conditions for the survival of Kosovo youth and opportunities for a healthy and normal life.

This organization has organized many projects that were supported by various institutions, but also projects that it has funded and implemented itself.


Phone: +38344708066

E-mail: nvoplejada@gmail.com