Con-Cathedral Helping Lady

In the southwest of the urban center, in the old center of the city, at the “Qafë Pazari” neighborhood the “Zonja Ndihmëtare”(Helping Lady) Catholic Church with other facilities is located.
The greco-roman architectural object was built in 1870 by archbishop Dario Buciarelli, and later on the bell and the clock were put by Toma Glasnovic.
Object is threeaniad with a half-arc altar.
The middle aniad is covered with two-aquatic roof, while the side aniads are single-aquatic and covered with roof tiles.
Vertical columns, stairs and balcony are of wood. Inside walls are plastered with lime mortar while from the outside they are not plastered, so the masonry structure with pumice stones is seen.
In the vault of the middle ship there are frescoes made with “al secco” technics, with presence of civic motives. Thus, in the painting of Lady, at the altar part, Prizren citizens are presented with their time characteristic dress.
Over the garret, there are paintings of two personalities of Balcans past: George Castriota- the leader of Albanian Principality, and Joannes de Hunyad- the guvernor and generalissimo of Hungary. The author of these two paintings is the austrian painter Simcowiss, who painted them in 1878.
The object itself preserved its originality until 1970, when with the 100th anniversary, walls, pillars, and floor got dressed with marble tiles, stairs and garret got dressed with concrete and a metal fence was placed at the entrance and at the stairs. The con-cathedral complex includes some other objects like: Semenishte’s Building (the catholic religious school), the priests building, the sisters’ building, the bishop’s residence, the Parish’s building, and other objects of living and commercials.