Archaeological site in Poslishta: Villa Rustica; Statio; Mansio (Prizren)

During the construction of the highway segment between Prizren and Vërmica in 2010, approximately 1 kilometre south of the multilayer archaeological site of Vlashnje, on the left side of this road segment, respectively, 150 m from the road that leads toward the Poslishte village, rescue excavations were carried out at this location in an earlier known unidentified site of roman era.

Nevertheless, based on the discovered archaeological material, the archaeological excavations proved existence of the remains of a roman road station, set along the ancient road Via Lissus-Naissus. Aside from the discovered movable archaeological material, within this archaeological complex, a Mansio (road hostel/guesthouse) with several secondary rooms with a conspicuous Thermae (roman bath) were recorded. Most likely, as part of the roman road station a building known as Mutatio or horse exchange station was part of this complex. While, it is known that along the important roman roads, there were stacion stables that served to offer fresh horses a service that was offered at each road station along the roman roads during roman period.