Balkan FEST 2019 Kosovo - Multiethnic Festival

Organized by Plejada - Cultural Association, in Prizren yesterday was held Balkan Fest - a Festival of Traditional Songs. This year's Festival of Traditional Songs "Balkan Fest" brought together a large number of performers from all the communites in Kosovo, Albanian, Bosniak, Serbian, Turkish, Gorani, Roma, Ashkali, Egyptian, Montenegrin, as well as performers from abroad.

Festival Director Hermin Memishi thanking everyone who helped organizing Balkan Fest, pointing out that the festival has achieved its goal - to promote and preserve Kosovo's traditional songs or cultural diversity and values. "Direct communication with performers of traditional music of different profiles and the choice of aesthetic types of different artists living in our country is something that set this festival apart from the rest. As director of the festival, he is proud of the multiethnic and multinational tolerance of all communities of the Republic of Kosovo," said Memisi for our portal.

The festival was supported by the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, Municipality of Prizren and Culture for Change.